Exclusive: Crash Champions CEO on Performance Collision Centers Acquisition

March 5, 2024
Matt Ebert Speaks to FenderBender About Regional MSO Addition

Crash Champions finalized the acquisition of Performance Collision Centers and its nine locations across Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia, according to a news release, on Friday, March 1, with operations transitioning immediately to Crash Champions.

“This acquisition represents tremendous positive momentum as we welcome a proven organization to Crash Champions,” said Matt Ebert, founder and CEO of Crash Champions. “The Performance Collision Centers team and its nine locations have a strong legacy of delivering consistent, high-quality repair service across the Southeast. We look forward to the great value they will add to the Crash Champions team as we continue forward in our strategic growth plan.”

With the acquisition, Crash Champions has expanded its overall national network to more than 625 locations in 37 states across the U.S. It also adds a lineup of nine high-quality repair centers that have consistently garnered certifications from many of the nation’s top automotive manufacturers.

Acqusition Adds Density in Southeast

FenderBender followed up with Ebert to get additional perspective on the acquisition. Performance’s emphasis on OEM certifications was one factor that made it attractive, he said, as it aligns with Crash Champion’s focus on those, too.
“We're very interested in growing our OEM-certified footprint, and it also provided density for us in the in those states," he said. "We want to increase our footprint there. So it really checked both boxes for us.”

Now operating in 37 states, the company’s focus this year is to create density around its current footprint, not expand into additional states.
“We've got a lot of opportunity where we just have a handful of locations in the market and would like to increase our presence there. I'm not saying that we won't, but it's not our drive just to check another state off on the map. Our drive is really to maximize where we already are, and we have an abundance of opportunities between different markets to become a more significant player in those marketplaces.”

Why Regional MSOs Are a Better Culture Fit

Ebert noted that although the same amount of work goes into making a deal for a single location or an MSO, “A good shop is a good shop, whether it’s one or several,” and Crash Champions is still interested in acquiring single locations.

“There are advantages to doing an MSO [acquisition], because typically those operating in an MSO environment would be more familiar with operating how we do as a big MSO. There's a little bit of the culture fit that comes from an MSO environment, even though it's a small one to a big one, so it’s a bit easier transition for the employees than if it were just an independent and the employee base had been there for years working for the single shop operator.”

In the release, Michael Sifen, owner of Performance Collision Centers, said he is “confident that this next chapter will provide our team and customers with exponential opportunities.”
“We are extremely proud of the legacy that Performance Collision team members have created by delivering best-in-class quality and service to our customers across the Southeast. It speaks volumes about our team to join Matt Ebert and the premier founder-led MSO in the industry.”

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