National AutoBody Research launches VRS labor rate survey in Arkansas

Feb. 4, 2016
NABR announced the launch of the Arkansas VRS Labor Rate Survey, sponsored by an anonymous Arkansas collision repairer. The online survey is free for all Arkansas collision repair shops and can be found on the NABR website.
NABR announced the launch of the Arkansas VRS Labor Rate Survey, sponsored by an anonymous Arkansas collision repairer.

 The online survey is free for all Arkansas collision repair shops and can be found on the NABR website.

The Arkansas VRS Labor Rate Survey provides the state's collision repairers with an independent, third-party, trusted survey of state-wide labor rate data. The VRS reports the true, market-based rate ranges throughout the state of Arkansas, based on shops' actual prices, not on one artificially defined single prevailing rate for all repairers.

"There is a significant problem with labor rates in the state of Arkansas," said the survey sponsor. "The rates insurers pay are not only below the market price but also not sufficiently profitable for shops, who must continually invest in training, tools, equipment, and certifications to repair today's increasingly advanced vehicles. Finally, we have a solution in the VRS, an independent survey and complete technology to help shops price their labor profitably and prove through documentation what the real market labor rate is for any area in our state."

"We're very pleased to bring the VRS to Arkansas and to be working with a shop who cares enough to sponsor the survey for the good of all Arkansas shops, the collision repair industry, and for the ultimate care and safety of the consumer," said Richard Valenzuela, CEO of NABR.

To the see innovative Variable Rate System for themselves, any shop may request a free, no-obligation demo of the VRS, to see firsthand how the system can help them charge and collect sufficiently profitable labor rates and get paid for more not-included procedures.

Arkansas becomes the most recent state to launch the VRS survey technology. Other states currently running the VRS Labor Rate Survey include Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Utah.

About National AutoBody Research (NABR)

NABR is an independent research, technology, and consulting company committed to restoring the free market for labor rate pricing in the automobile collision repair industry, and leveling the playing field for shops to get paid for non-included procedures.

 Through its innovative Variable Rate System (VRS) technology, NABR provides collision repair shops the tools they need to understand the competitive labor rates in their market, understand their cost of doing business, and calculate appropriate labor rates for their individual shop to earn a sufficient and necessary profit.

With rates from shops nationwide, NABR built the industry's first and only independent, third party, and objective source of national labor rate data, making the VRS the collision repair industry standard for market based labor rates.

The system now includes NABR's newest product, the VRS Procedures Document Search, the industry's first and only online searchable document library, showing records of insurers paying shops for not-included procedures, and enabling more shops to be paid for the work they already do.

To inquire about the VRS System, or to sponsor a VRS Labor Rate Survey in your state, please contact:

Sam Valenzuela

President, National AutoBody Research


[email protected]

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