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Feb. 23, 2016
As the newly elected Chairman of the National Auto Body Council (NABC), Domenic Brusco seeks to increase awareness of NABC and to continue to improve how others view the collision industry with further expansion of the Recycled Rides program and other initiatives.  

As the newly elected Chairman of the National Auto Body Council (NABC), Domenic Brusco, Senior Manager of Industry Relations for PPG Automotive Refinish, seeks to increase awareness of NABC and to continue to improve how others view the collision industry with further expansion of the Recycled Rides program, First Responders Emergency Extrication (FREE) program and other initiatives.   

Brusco’s excitement to lead NABC in 2016 is fueled by his passion for the industry. “I have a 35-year career in the collision industry of which the last six and a half years I’ve spent engaged in NABC either as a committee member, chair or on the executive team. My passion for this industry and all that it has offered me is what drives me to give back. I am honored and privileged to be part of an industry that can help improve the lives of people who have challenges that we take for granted,” Brusco shared.

Domenic Brusco, Chairman of National Auto Body Council

To further the collision industry’s influence, Brusco is striving to increase awareness of NABC and grow its membership. He states, “One of my main goals is for anyone in our industry to be able to answer the question ‘Who is the National Auto Body Council and what do they do?’ And after hearing about NABC, the individual asking the question is driven to join our mission.”

Brusco also aims to increase communication within the membership base and with the industry at large. He notes, “I would like to engage more of our membership in our existing programs, share their success stories as well as their ideas on how we as an organization can more effectively carry out our mission to develop community initiatives that exemplify the professionalism and integrity of the collision repair industry.

“I also want to find opportunities to enhance our member value proposition, double our membership, and by doing so, increase the impact our industry can make in local communities across the country,” Brusco added.

NABC’s membership has increased significantly in the past year. Brusco attributes the rise in membership and the success of the council to the influence of NABC programs such as Recycled Rides. “The programs are infectious—they encourage people to become involved. People want to be a part of rewarding experiences.”

Indicative of the success of Recycled Rides, which commenced in 2007, NABC recently celebrated their 1,000th Recycled Ride donation in Palm Springs in January. The recipient of the vehicle was a family of six who had been struggling with transportation.

“We often don’t realize how much economic power having a suitable means of transportation gives us,” Brusco observes. “Recycled Rides donations have made it possible for countless families to have transportation for basic necessities such as employment, education, grocery shopping, and medical visits.

“If you consider that 1,000 vehicle donations equate to positively affecting around 4,000 lives, the industry attaches itself to the idea that the work we do can change lives. In turn, people view the collision industry in a more positive light, as a group of admired professionals,” Brusco adds.

The Recycled Rides program also provides the opportunity for shops to connect with their local communities and other groups within the industry. “Recycled Rides allows different facets of our industry to collaborate through the process of donating vehicles - insurers, rental car, salvage and auction companies, parts, paint and material suppliers. It gives techs and shops the opportunity to use their skills to give back.”

The Recycled Rides program has been developed to make it an easy, smooth process for shops. Partnering with the nonprofit 1-800 Charity Cars, powered by AudaExplore, a Solera company, helps NABC members manage all the necessary licensing transfers between donors and recipients.  

In addition to increasing the amount of cars NABC donates through Recycled Rides, Brusco’s plans for 2016 include engaging members to host more FREE events. In order to reach that goal, NABC has partnered with Holmatro, a rescue equipment manufacturer, which has committed to provide instructors and help organize and deliver more events around the country. Finally, Brusco aims to take NABC’s Distracted Driving Initiative to the next level. NABC has partnered with AT&T in their campaign to create awareness of the dangers of texting while driving.

With these partnerships and further involvement from the collision industry, NABC will be able to reach and help more and more people across the country.

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