Back to basics focus creates international expansion, growth for Colors on Parade

May 23, 2016
With new area developers in Colorado, South Carolina and Utah, new franchisees across the United States, an area manager in New Jersey and an international partnership in Colombia South America, Colors on Parade is growing by leaps and bounds.
The past two years have proven to be instrumental in the success and growth of 28 year-old Colors on Parade. After the economic recession in 2009, Colors on Parade needed a new strategy and focus in order to survive in a struggling automotive industry. A
family focused value system, grassroots sales efforts and building solid relationships have been the key factors in Colors on Parade’s ability to rebound from this economic downturn. 2015 reported the company’s highest growth in years including 28 new franchises, three area developers, one area manager and its first international expansion.

The growth of 2015 is placing new franchises in many cities across the United States, and 2016 is shaping up to look even better. These franchisees are there to serve their communities by fixing unwanted scratches and dents on new and used vehicles. Colors on Parade offers ecosmart, affordable, mobile automotive repairs to retails customers, dealerships and fleet owners. This March, all of the new franchisees along with the existing business owners will gather for the National Convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to celebrate the past year’s successes and plan for the year ahead. 

With new area developers in Colorado, South Carolina and Utah, new franchisees across the United States, an area manager in New Jersey and an international partnership in Colombia South America, Colors on Parade is growing by leaps and bounds. The company expects to have area developers in every state in the United States within the next five years. Over 28 years of experience and close to 300 units is a strong business, but in the next ten years, Colors on Parade expects to become a household name.

“The market has barely been tapped when it comes to our industry; I love the growth we are seeing.  The excitement within the company is contagious, everyone’s business is booming from the one man franchisee to the area developers and corporate office.  Anyone that wants to own a business with a proven model and great technology can have success with in the Colors on Parade Family”, says Jeff Cox, President and CEO, Colors on Parade – Total Car Franchising.

Over the past two years, corporate office decided to get back to basics. With this decision made, the focus became people – people create relationships, solidify grassroots efforts, and find the right partners for growth. Colors on Parade is a family owned company and its success goes back to entrepreneurs buying a franchise and running it as a family business. The “people” focus in sales revolves around the basic family values of honesty, caring and hard work. 

“Being part of the Colors on Parade family is an honor.  I love seeing individuals launch a small business, passing it on to their children and helping their local communities.  I love seeing a customer drive away with a beautiful car – all the blemishes gone. I love being part of something that is growing and that is honest and is a real American Dream come true.  Connecting with peers in the industry, end users and new business owners keeps me motivated.  I expect my team to be themselves with sales leads, we are looking for partners, not just sales,” says Claire Garstka, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Colors on Parade.

Part of the back to basics’ approach is hosting the National Convention at the Corporate Office in Myrtle Beach in March. Typically, the Convention rotates around the U.S., but bringing everyone “home” this year seemed appropriate given the company’s overarching direction.  Colors on Parade is getting back to basics on technical skills, sales and customer service. It is connecting in local communities through charities like the Humane Society. 

Our newest 2015 and 2016 Franchise Openings are listed below.  To find a franchise near you please visit or call 1-800-7COLORS.  Franchise opportunities still remain available throughout the United States, information can be found at

New Franchisees and Area Developers:

About Colors on Parade

Colors on Parade was founded in 1988 by Robert Lowery to service the automotive industry with body shop quality repairs from a mobile unit. The company originated in Conway, S.C., and has since expanded, with franchises in 28 states. Colors on Parade uses eco-friendly technologies to provide mobile onsite auto repair services at any location including a client’s home or work. The services include the repair of paint scratches, scrapes, dents and dings, as well as paintless dent repair. Its customer base includes car dealerships, fleet owners, rental car agencies, body shops and individual vehicle owners.

For more information about Colors on Parade, visit or call 1-800-7COLORS.

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