Protect, store your Shark 3 with toolbox style cabinets

Nov. 28, 2017
Blackhawk now offers Shark 3 platinum and standard models, which utilize a toolbox style cabinet to organize, protect and store the electronic frame measuring system.

Blackhawk® now offers Shark® 3 platinum and standard models, which utilize a toolbox style cabinet to organize, protect and store the electronic frame measuring system.

“The Shark 3 is the industry’s best electronic frame measuring system so it only makes sense for shops to protect their investment with a productivity-enhancing toolbox style cabinet,” said David Zinkiewicz, product manager for Blackhawk. “In addition, with the state-of-the-art software available with the platinum model, shops will be able to increase the efficiency and performance of their Shark 3.”
The Shark 3 platinum model utilizes a toolbox-style cabinet featuring four locking chrome spoke casters to keep the unit secure during the 12-control point live active measuring process. The new software features a unique interactive, image-based vehicle database that includes VIN decoding with the use of a scanner. The user also gets increased visual interpretation via a 27-inch monitor that provides more informed decisions during the repair process. It comes with a two-year vehicle specifications subscription, which is the most extensive in the industry.

The Shark 3 standard model features an eight-control point live active measuring option with a 22-inch LCD display. It also includes a one-year warranty and one-year vehicle specifications subscription.

The Blackhawk Shark 3 uses award-winning ultrasound technology to collect measurements and track repairs. Emitters on the probes are attached to the vehicle at specific points and send ultrasonic signals that are received by high frequency microphones located in the lightweight extruded aluminum beam. The results are then compared to manufacturer specifications and any problem areas are identified immediately, letting the operator focus on straightening rather than on collecting measurements.

Customers can learn more about the Blackhawk Shark 3 upgrade program and other Blackhawk collision equipment by calling 800-251-4500 or visiting

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