May 19 CIECAst webinar focuses on ADAS calibrations

April 16, 2020
CIECA announced that its next CIECAst webinar will feature Brent Johnson, director of Global Product Management for Collision at Chief Collision Technology, and will be titled presentation, “ADAS Calibrations—Do It Right and Document What You Do.”

CIECA announced that its next CIECAst webinar will feature Brent Johnson, director of Global Product Management for Collision at Chief Collision Technology. Johnson’s presentation, “ADAS Calibrations—Do It Right and Document What You Do,” will be held on Tuesday, May 19, at 11 am CST. All industry segments, including CIECA members and non-members, are invited to attend.

 “More than ever before, drivers are relying on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as lane departure, automatic emergency braking and even autonomous driving features to keep them safe,” said Johnson. “While these systems represent major leaps forward in safety, they are not foolproof, and these vehicles are still involved in collisions. When these systems need repair or replacement, they must be calibrated.” During the one-hour live broadcast, Johnson will discuss the importance of providing a foundation for proper repairs and ADAS calibration procedures. He will also share best practices for repair record keeping and documentation. “Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the repair may require a dynamic calibration (drive around), static calibration (using targets) or even a combination of the two,” said Johnson. “If calibration is not done, the ADAS features may not work properly, and can pose a safety risk to the driver. Because the repairing shop may be liable should something go wrong, it’s important for shops to keep detailed records of what repairs were performed and how the repair was done.” With degrees in automation and business administration, Johnson has spent more than 20 years in the collision repair industry with Chief Collision Technology, formerly Chief Automotive Technologies. His career with Chief has focused mostly in research and development around vehicle data and information technologies. In his current role, Johnson is responsible for all collision products. He has spent the last two years working with Chief’s partners, leading the project development of Chief’s Mosaic ADT, which the company said is the industry’s first automated ADAS calibration system that uses OEMs’ tools, targets and procedures. Following the presentation, there will be a Q & A session. Attendees can earn Automotive Management Institute (AMi) credit toward an industry-recognized, professional designation and specialty degree by taking a short quiz after the webinar. To register for the CIECAst, visit:
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