Ford launches new certified glass network for replacing glass components

May 5, 2022
The OEM network will require certification that an installer has the glass calibration capabilities to do the work.

To help ensure that replacement windshields and other glass components have the fit, function, safety, and structural integrity during a repair, Ford is launching the Ford Certified Glass Network.

In a news release, Ford said that original equipment windshields and glass are built and tested to function as part of a system, providing structural support in an accident and promoting clear, undistorted vision for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as lane-keeping, pre-collision assist with automatic braking, evasive steering assist and auto high-beam headlamps.

“The Ford Certified Glass Network supports glass replacement companies who seek to be differentiated in the market by achieving our certification requirements,” said Jennifer Boyer, director of strategy and business, Ford customer service division.

To help ensure that Ford Certified Glass Installers are prepared to meet requirements for quality glass installation, the network will require certification that an installer has the glass calibration capabilities to do the work. Benefits to the certified installer include access to technical repair procedures, calibration coaching and technical hotline support. Ford also offers industry-leading process coaching for the installation.

“By utilizing Ford genuine OEM glass, industry accepted Auto Glass Replacement Repair Standards (AGRRS), and the utilization of Ford ADAS calibration procedures and tools, this network will provide a great option for proper installation of genuine Ford OEM glass," said Curt Wormington, Carlex Aftermarket Replacement Glass (ARG) vice president.

According to Ford, "the adverse effects of a poor installation on driving assistance technology happen when an aftermarket windshield cannot duplicate the precise location of the camera attachment brackets on a windshield which often distorts the optical quality of the camera."

Light projection and sound dampening technology

The OEM's Head Up Display (HUD) uses digital light projection technology to display driving information such as speed, driver assist features and navigation onto the windshield. HUD windshields are specifically designed to eliminate secondary HUD images.

SoundScreen acoustic windshield and side glass are engineered with acoustic dampening technology within the glass layers to help reduce road, wind, and other exterior noise to maintain the quiet interior ride of the vehicle. The use of this technology goes above and beyond SAE standards and not using this will result in increased interior noise, Ford said.

Other requirements of certification are to have ongoing communication with customers during glass installation and a follow up customer satisfaction survey. Certified installers must also provide a limited lifetime warranty that warrants the repairs done by the Ford Certified Glass Installer against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the customer that owns the vehicle at the time of repair continues to own the vehicle. The limited lifetime warranty is between the installer and the customer.

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