Podcast: Wrench Nation #276: Rockabilly culture & pinstriping: Von Hot Rod

A legend within the automotive community, with years of hot rodding running through his veins – Von Hot Rod Valdez can be found at car shows across the country with his distinctive style of pinstriping and lettering details. Applying that steady hand of gorgeous spectacular art lines on everything from classic cars to bowling pins! 

With a wide variety of television appearances & travels across the globe, Von is also a sought-after speaker and teacher, dedicating his time to teaching thousands of students at local schools & universities. The master behind some of the most incredible pinstriping performed is a true talent within the automotive industry, but more importantly, his heart is large and his compassion for the community is awesome.

Catch up with his appearances at car shows and visit his site Von Hot Rod and make sure to catch his annual charity event, Benedict Castle Concours Car Show, where hundreds of thousands of dollars is raised for Teen Challenge. 

Join us as we explore Von’s fascinating entrepreneurial history, dedication to the industry and passion for paying it forward for future generations to come! 

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