SATA QMR - Quick Material Regulator

Oct. 25, 2023

Discover the revolutionary SATA QMR - Quick Material Regulator

Where application processes require frequently recurring adjustments between reduced and fully open material flow rates, the SATA QMR is the solution to save time and money.

This material flow regulation device allows to preset the required reduced material flow rate which can then be activated quickly, precisely and in reproducible fashion at the push of a button.

The "release function" allows the painter to conveniently switch back to the fully open position within seconds.

• The SATA QMR offers the retrofit option for the SATAjet X 5500/SATAjet 5000 B.

• Available in one-pack (1186213) or two-pack (1162817), maintenance-free and easy to operate.

• Suitable for application processes which require specific, reduced material flow rates on a regular basis.

• Release function: Simply by pulling, the material flow regulation is being fully released again.