EV Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

Jan. 17, 2022
The EV Battery + Coolant Leak Detector from Redline Detection is designed to test the integrity of battery enclosures in electric and hybrid vehicles.

The EV Battery + Coolant Leak Detector from Redline Detection is designed to ensure EV battery enclosures, battery coolant systems, and other EV system components are safely sealed to prevent the intrusion of water, dust, or other contaminants that could cause a catastrophic thermal event. Using patented technology, BCLD creates a signature air that pinpoints the precise location of leaks with 100 percent accuracy, the company says. BCLD also uses Redline's PurgePulse technology to vacate all coolant fluid from the battery pack before testing. This technology is already mandated essential by OEMs in 160 countries for lid-off repairs, after any collision, and as regular preventive maintenance.