Ben Sharp

Ben Sharp is a D.C. legislative representative for the Automotive Service Association (ASA). His previous experience in policy and politics includes working for several members of congress and congressional candidates, fortune 500 companies, and a labor union. Ben is a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Global Studies and the Plan II Honors Program.

Capitol Hill

Auto industry data access agreement discussed in Capitol Hill hearing

Oct. 27, 2023
Congressional skepticism around the need for legislation grows.
High-tech car

ASA: Industry Right-to-Repair agreement strengthened by support from Tesla and Rivian

Sept. 11, 2023
The latest development signifies that the agreement will now cover nearly 100 percent of auto makes.
Signing contract

Guest Editorial: ASA agreement assures independent repairers continued access

Aug. 14, 2023
The document stipulates that no technology will be used to circumvent the right to repair and establishes remedies for OEM noncompliance.
Technician inspecting under car

Guest Editorial: AI does not replace the human element in ensuring roadway safety

June 9, 2023
It's not too late for NHTSA to update its National Roadway Safety Strategy by adding inspections and advancing a more holistic approach.