Madi Hawkins

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Madi Hawkins works as a Washington D.C. representative of the Automotive Service Association (ASA). She is a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University, where she graduated with a B.A. of Public Policy Studies.

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U.S. Congress considers American Data Privacy and Protection Act

June 21, 2022
The draft legislation provides a national standard on what data companies can gather from individuals and establishes parameters on how that data is used.
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Portions of the $49.8 million budget will go toward Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving Systems (ADS) research that facilitates innovation and development of new tests, tools, and procedures to properly evaluate the safety of new technologies surrounding highly and fully automated vehicles.

Biden administration focuses on EVs, ADAS

April 26, 2022
Portions of the $49.8 million will go toward automated driving systems (ADS) research
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Right to Repair: Views from the Biden Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and the agriculture industry

March 1, 2022
It is essential that independent repair shops retain access to the vehicle data, tools, and equipment necessary to repair cars that consumers bring to their shops.
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Legalization of marijuana and its impact on transportation

Nov. 1, 2021
Will a change in drug regulations affect road safety in the United States?