Michael Stoops

Michael Stoops is the senior global products and training specialist at Meguiar’s. He helps Meguiar’s staff and customers become more skilled with their detailing by utilizing an extensive line of car care products. In almost every country throughout the world, Meguiar’s is used by millions of devoted customer and enthusiasts to keep their vehicles looking new. You’ll find Michael on live shows, television, at events, podcasts, the radio, and more, sharing his vast knowledge of the brand and how to use the products offered at Meguiar’s.

Courtesy of Meguiar's
The DA polisher is a much more forgiving tool than the rotary. It takes much less time to become proficient enough to get excellent results the majority of the time.

The pros and cons of DA polishing

May 29, 2023
A short learning curve, high work speed, and low risk of paint damage are highlights of this technology.