Dave Brinkley

Dave Brinkley works for I-CAR as an in-shop knowledge assessor and instructor. He has worked in the collision repair industry for more than 35 years, working as a technician, manager and insurance appraiser. He's the founder of CR Tools LLC, a development and consulting company for collision repair tools. Connect with Dave on LinkedIN or Facebook

Welding Respirator Used While Wearing A Helmet

How to make sure your body shop is safe

April 28, 2022
The long-term effects of good health and safety practices.
Photo 208165945 © Dmitry Dikushin | Dreamstime.com
The 20-minute estimate days are over, and research will be the driving force to determine if repair or replacement are appropriate.

Repair/replace procedures: It's a new day and way! 

March 1, 2022
Research is the driving force behind the decision to repair or replace
Here is a close-up of structural foam installed by the OEM during manufacturing.

How automotive foams impact vehicle design

Oct. 31, 2021
The most important aspect of the word “impact” is how a repair will result in a subsequent impact.
Berry's Collision in Williamsburg, Kentucky utilizing a parts cart.

Organizing your shop

Sept. 2, 2021
Tools and tricks to improve net income