Bob Heipp

Bob Heipp is the Chicago Area Technician Manager for Mobile Auto Solutions (MAS). MAS services 1,295 shops in Illinois, Indiana, Micigan and Wisconsin. He has been a working technician for 27 years.


The importance of post-repair scans

Dec. 1, 2018
With ADAS becoming so popular, the idea of no lights equals no problems needs to be reconsidered. When removing, inspecting and/or replacing an ADAS component or its mounting,...

Yesterday’s repairs won’t work on today’s vehicles

Oct. 1, 2018
There are many traditional repairs that are just not viable today. This is becoming more and more evident with ADAS systems, especially as they evolve.

Understand the order of diagnostics, scanning and calibration services to ensure a smooth repair process

July 3, 2018
Let's bring attention to when diagnostic, scanning and calibration services are needed and the state of repair the vehicle needs to be in to accurately perform testing, scanning...

Understanding the importance of proper wiring repairs

May 7, 2018
What does an acceptable repair consist of? That depends on what is being repaired. Who makes the repair rules, and who is performing the repair. Who performs the wiring repairs...