Jeff Minter

Jeff is currently serving as the service director for a group of dealerships in the heavy duty vehicle industry. Previously he was the training director for a company specializing in hybrid/electric vehicles providing both training and technical support for technicians nationwide. Jeff also has approximately 8 years of experience as an automotive instructor at the technical college level and is still a technician at heart. He is an ASE certified Master/L1/L3/F1 technician with OEM training from numerous manufacturers. 


Code set parameters are a critical component of accurate diagnostics

June 1, 2018
Before you can definitively diagnose a trouble code, you MUST understand what it takes to set that code in the first place. Code set parameters are a critical component of accurate...

The importance of having a solid electrical diagnostic strategy

Jan. 30, 2018
If you don't know what you should see on a voltmeter — before you hook it up to the circuit — there's no point in taking the meter out of your toolbox

First master 12 Volts before tackling high voltage drive systems

Jan. 1, 2018
This article will take a look at some electrical system “basics” and explain how that information can transfer to high voltage system understanding and diagnostics.

How add-on telematics will affect the aftermarket

July 1, 2017
OBD ports were designed for diagnostics, not continued use with telematics units. What options are currently available in the aftermarket and how could using these potentially...