John Anello

Owner and operator of Auto Tech on Wheels

John Anello is the owner and operator of Auto Tech on Wheels, established in 1991 in Northern New Jersey. He provides technical assistance and remote reprograming with 21 factory PC-based scan tools. Driven by a passion for cars, John's business now services roughly 1,700 shops.


The radar tidal wave 

March 1, 2024
With pressure for cycle time to get cars in and out, be sure ADAS calibration basics are not overlooked.
Warning message

Right place, wrong direction

March 1, 2022
The seemingly simple replacement of electrical connectors and terminals can turn tricky if the polarity is reversed, as this diagnosis of an air bag circuit fault shows

Automotive CSI

March 1, 2021
Determining what vehicle issues truly happened in an accident and which ones had been accumulated over time force many techs beyond their traditional role to that of an automotive...

Calibrating a 2019 Honda HRV blind spot camera

Oct. 1, 2020
I was called to a Body Shop for a 2019 Honda HRV that recently had the right passenger side mirror replaced. This mirror had a blind spot camera incorporated into it and needed...