DJ Mitchell

DJ Mitchell is the director of operations for Car Guys Collision Repair. Car Guys Collision Repair is a Regional MSO locate in Florida that currently owns and operates 14 locations. DJ attended the University of Central Florida (National Champions). DJ has been in the business since his teens. DJ started as part time help, worked as a painter and combination technician, managed shops, and now oversees Car Guys Collision Repair.

DJ can be reached via mobile at 813-625- 0578, followed on Twitter @DJCarGuys, followed on Instagram at @dee2dajizay, or reached via email at [email protected]



CollisionCast: Getting Acquired

What happens when you're acquired? DJ Mitchell talks through the selling of his business to one of the country's largest MSOs.
Multiple Shop Operations (MSOs)

CollisionCast: Considering Shops for Acquisition and Rebranding

Feb. 9, 2021
DJ Mitchell, vice president of MITCHCO Collision Repair, which he operates with his father, Dave Mitchell, discusses selecting shops for acquisition and how to bring new shops...
Multiple Shop Operations (MSOs)

MSO Podcast: The Importance of Having the Tough Conversation

Aug. 18, 2020
MSO operator DJ Mitchell discusses what can go wrong when leaders avoid having the tough conversations at work. Mitchell knows, from experience, that it's best to address problems...

Tips for Having Tough Conversations

June 25, 2020
When an issue arises at one of your shops, the only way to handle the problem is to talk about it promptly.