Snap Shop: Carriage Shoppe

April 18, 2024
The previous owners of the building sold classic American antiques and left some of their inventory to Carriage Shoppe when they took it over.

Owner:  Warren Yoder (CEO of Yoder Family of Companies)

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Staff Size: 20

Shop Size:  35,000 square feet

Average Monthly Car Count: 98

Average Repair Order: $3,106

Annual Revenue: $3.7 million  

Great Scott, Marty!

Stepping into the Carriage Shoppe might make you feel as if you’ve just stepped out of a modified DeLorean from the beloved '80s Sci-Fi movie. This collision repair center carries a lot of history, with American antiques from the early to mid-20th century displayed across the lobby.

The shop first opened in 1978 and was relocated to its current address in 1993. The owners who had occupied the building until 1993 sold classic American antiques and left some of their inventory to the Carriage Shoppe when they took it over.

In the lobby, you’ll find items like an old Coca-Cola box, a classic firefighter hat, an old safe, and the front desk topped with cash registers that look so classic you’d think you were in an old Clint Eastwood western. All of these look even more anachronistic when you sit down on one of the conventional lobby chairs or pick up something to read from the modern-style coffee table.

In the Shop

The shop was started by Steve and Lynn Mecham who, after 40+ years of running the shop, decided to sell it to Warren Yoder, the CEO of Yoder Family of Companies, in August 2022.

One of the benefits from Yoder, as shared by Eric Burton, the general manager for Carriage Shoppe, is that they aren’t strict on the specific equipment collision repairers use within their collision centers.
However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a pattern to the type of brands you see in the shop. Carriage Shoppe has three different Car-O-Liner frame benches (one of which is exclusive to aluminum).

They also have an alignment rack and three lifts. Many of the lifts were added after a space addition to handle more vehicles.They’re keen to use Pro Spot for welding.

'We’re in the people business, we just happen to fix cars'

“As MSOs continue to grow and become larger and larger, we kind of believe that the customer service aspect has been lost,” Burton said. “Being in an accident is never something fun or exciting to go through. Or hailstorms and theft recoveries. We want them to feel confident and feel good that we’re going to do right by them.”

Burton added that Carriage Shoppe, before and after its acquisition, has always separated itself from other shops by being customer-focused and letting the repairs speak for themselves.
They’re friendly and welcoming to not only people but even pets. Dog toys and biscuits are available to any four-legged guests.

“We’re in the people business; we just happen to fix cars.”

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