Top 5 reasons why you should join an industry group

Jan. 31, 2024
The importance of connection, networking, and the benefits of getting involved

Professional industry groups and associations can provide a community of growth no matter what industry they represent. An industry group may be the support you need to propel you to the next level in your career journey. New professionals and students especially stand to benefit from these organizations, as they often provide a great way to get involved and acclimated to a deeper career environment. 

So what is an industry group? An industry group is an organization founded and funded by businesses and individuals that operate to expand, enhance, and support a specific industry or group of professionals. 

Some examples of collision repair industry groups include the Women’s Industry Network (WIN), The Society of Collision Repair Specialists, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers, Collision Repair Education Foundation, The Automotive Service Association, etc. Most states and North American regions also have their own industry groups catering to collision industry professionals 

The benefits of belonging to a collision repair industry group are expansive but here are five reasons I think you would benefit from joining one.   

Building your connections 

The people I’ve met within my industry group have been the same people to support me in growing through my career and encouraged me to take on leadership positions. Involvement in one of these groups provides the opportunity to flex your leadership muscle and meet people who may be able to elevate you and provide opportunities to further your skills and highlight your strengths.  

It’s easy to live in our respective career silos but when you get together with other industry professionals, it helps to broaden your overall understanding of the issues in the industry and how the industry works as a whole. It also provides a built-in support system of people facing the same challenges and changes that you are. You can tap into that network to help you along your career and learn from others.  

I always say, for as big as the collision repair industry is, it’s also small. Many people overlap and intertwine within the industry so those connections you garner become really important. 

Continued education 

Continuing education is so important to recognize as a key component in any employee’s career. With the way that technology is moving and so many things we once knew are shifting, we all need to stay up to date on trends, changes across the industry and new information in order to do our jobs the best we can. That’s where industry groups can help in keeping us informed on industry expansion and open our horizons to new and bigger things.   

A collision repair industry group is a great way for students or new professionals to see what is out there for them. They can learn the different career paths available to them, what additional knowledge might assist them and how they can build a successful career within any organization. It’s invaluable for them to be able to learn from people who are plugged into different facets of the business.  


Industry groups also provide great recruiting opportunities. Organizations looking to hire top talent find them extremely valuable. The people within these organizations are already seeking to better understand their careers, network with other professionals and gain connections. Those involved heavily in an industry group are going above the expected to be the best professional they can be. These professionals are all essentially built into your network and are more likely to be interested in your business. The job market can be competitive in most trades and industry organizations provide a great way to discover top candidates. 


And while we’re on the topic of recruiting, an employee’s journey doesn’t stop there. The connections and exposure opportunities that are provided to those invested in industry organizations correlates to stronger retention and a better connection to the work they are doing daily. They can more easily see the effects they are having and connect back to the bigger picture. 

This also provides an opportunity to encourage the development of professionals that are mentors. An employee who is learning and involved in an industry group, gains leadership and networking skills and is ultimately going to benefit the overall organization. Those mentors then can trickle down their expertise and industry knowledge and provide valuable guidance to other employees.  


From webinars, trade show education sessions to research studies and whitepapers, industry groups provide important and helpful resources for professionals. They often provide access to mentorship, guidance, conferences, entrepreneurial education, etc. Many industry groups are looking to provide their members with real value and that’s where these resources come in.  

No matter what group you join, you will gain access to a whole new set of resources and experiences that can help to better prepare you and propel you for a successful career.  

Not a day goes by that haven’t benefitted from my time being involved in different collision industry associations – in particular – now that I have recently been elected as Chair of WIN, where our mission is to drive industry sustainability by developing women through education and connections. 

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