FenderBender Releases 2023 Industry Survey Report

July 20, 2023
This year's report features insights, KPIs, and leadership data from hundreds of collision repair operators.

The FenderBender Industry Survey provides a rare glimpse inside collision repair shops to see how they’re performing, what their challenges are and how they’re looking toward the future. And it’s all thanks to the FenderBender readership for participating in such great numbers.

As the survey’s life spans a transformative era in the collision repair industry, some trends have emerged that offer a picture of a changing world. This year’s set of data is no different, with a few trends sticking out above all others.

Key findings include:

  • More shops are moving away from DRPs, a trend that has existed throughout the life of the survey but took a big jump in 2023.
  • Shifts continue to happen in technology and tools as shop needs change, with more shops becoming equipped to take on ADAS calibrations.

In this report you’ll find this data and more in greater detail, providing a look at the state of collision repair in 2023. 

You can find the full digital report here.