National PDR Groups Object to Farmers Insurance Hail Claims

July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015—The National Alliance of PDR Technicians (NADPRT) and the PDR Nation have united to object to the new hail catastrophe claims issued by Farmers Insurance, the organizations announced on Thursday.  

Tommy Clayton, president of NADPRT, was quoted on Thursday saying, “The NAPDRT strongly objects to the new policies issued by Farmers Insurance regarding hail claims.This new approach to hail claims will most definitely have a negative impact on both Farmers Insurance policyholders and the PDR Industry alike. To encourage ‘short cuts’ by the hail repairer to save a few dollars using a repair technique that is already saving the insurer 40 percent or more on hail repairs is moving both industries in the wrong direction.”

Clayton added “Farmers policyholders deserve the same high quality and attention to detail on hail repairs as the rest of the insurance industry. For Farmers Insurance to implement these kinds of changes without expecting a reduction in repair quality for their insured show a shockingly naive understanding of the hail catastrophe repair industry. Encouraging cutting corners to save a few bucks is new a good policy for the insured.”

“PRD Nation and its members stand with NAPDRT against any attempt to set standards in the PDR industry without input from NAPDRT or PDR Nation,” said Gene Fetty, PDR Nation chairman. “We believe any standards which are set should have direct input from these organizations which were formed and maintained by PDR active technicians.”