Our Mission

March 1, 2017
Over the years, our purpose has not changed

The first story I ever wrote for FenderBender ran in December 2012, about nine months after I was hired at 10 Missions Media to help launch FenderBender’s sister publication, Ratchet+Wrench. It was a cover feature about shop operators that give back to their communities, and, really, it served as a great introduction to an industry I knew very little about.  

It also offered up a great quote. I had asked John Gagliano, then the owner of the 16-location Collex Collision Centers (which has since been sold), why he was so dedicated to community service. He seemed miffed by the question, and after some preamble about his success and paying it forward, he said, “The key is: What are we going to do while we’re here? We all have our mission, our calling. So, what are you going to do with that resource and how will you use it?”

Full disclosure: I didn’t remember this quote until searching our archives before writing this. But reading it again, it’s hard to think of another that better encapsulates not only what this industry stands for, but also our goal at FenderBender. A lot has changed since I did that interview with John five years ago (including my picture now appearing here), but one thing never will: This is your magazine, and we’re here to serve you. And the only promise I can make is that we will use every resource we have to help you succeed.