Volvo to Introduce Driver-Assistance Technology

March 2, 2017
The 2018 XC60 will arrive with three new safety systems that use automated steering to help guide the driver away from trouble. 

March 2, 2017—Volvo will introduce new driver-assistance technology on its 2018 XC60 at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

The SUV will arrive with three new safety systems. All three involve the use of automated steering to help guide the driver away from trouble, instead of limiting its use to a semiautonomous cruise control system. 

Two of the three systems are updates. The XC60's autonomous emergency braking will provide steering assistance to help the driver avoid a collision if brakes alone won't prevent it. It'll operate between speeds of 31 and 62 mph. The XC60's blind spot monitor can now prevent a driver from changing lines into another vehicle or obstacle.

The last system—oncoming lane mitigation—is new. Steering assistance takes center stage once again. Now, it's used to steer the driver back into the correct lane if they move over the yellow line toward an oncoming vehicle. Volvo said that it hopes that its bevy of active and passive driver aids will prevent any serious injuries or deaths in its vehicles by 2020.