Assured Performance Launches Repair Doc System

Nov. 8, 2019
The new system, RepairDOC, works in tandem with a new Certified Repair program to increase transparency of repairs, bolster efficiency and mitigate liability.

November 8, 2019—In a widespread press release earlier this week, Assured Performance announced the official national release of its patent-pending “repair documentation” system (RepairDOC) after years of development and several months of multiple pilot field tests. 

Per the release, RepairDOC is integrated with key data sources needed to provide a seamless and highly efficient method to electronically document every aspect of how a repair was performed, with what, and by whom. The patent-pending system follows blockchain technology principles to ensure that the documented proof is electronically verifiable, linked or chained to the vehicle identification number (VIN), and maintained for the life of the vehicle as evidence.

RepairDOC interfaces seamlessly with the shops’ repair data and leverages Smart apps for the technician so documentation is simple. Also, key data such as parts purchases, scan data reports, repair procedure use and technician qualification is automatically connected to the VIN-based “Repair Docket” created by the system. With RepairDOC, shops are able to follow either a detailed quality control management approach, or use the program in freeform mode.

RepairDOC provides transparency to all parties—consumer, repairer, insurer, and vehicle manufacturer—granting visual proof and an official certificate that the vehicle was repaired properly and that all parties received service commensurate with the estimate and work performed. To do so, RepairDOC provides “evidence” the vehicle was repaired following OEM repair procedures, by a properly trained technician, using proper tools, and the vehicle was fully functional according to a final scan. This holds everyone accountable and mitigates everyone’s liability exposure. Finally, the system provides an official serialized certificate illustrating the patent-pending Certified Repair for that specific vehicle.

“RepairDOC helps to shift the emphasis from the exhaustive time spent estimating how the damaged vehicle might be repaired to how it really was repaired supported by electronic proof,” stated Scott Biggs, CEO and founder of Assured Performance. “Changing our collective mindset will be difficult for the industry, but as the research and testing have shown the reward is a potential savings of 8-14 percent in reduced friction cost and inefficiencies. Regardless, the new generation vehicles demand this level of quality and accuracy.”

Assured Performance has partnered with numerous industry transactional partners to create this new solution. They contend that repairers and insurers combined will save between 8 – 14 percent of the LAE and settlement costs by reducing the need for costly on-site vehicle inspections, desk reviews and audits, supplement delays, diminished value and negotiating inefficiencies and repair cycle delays.

Biggs added, “RepairDOC and the Certified Repair Option are meant to help all stakeholders across the industry keep pace with the vehicle technology and the increase in regulatory requirements,” he explained, “Working with our OEMs and other strategic partners, we are providing the industry with an open architecture, API driven platform to unlock endless new and better ways to do business. We are only limited by our imagination.”

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