Lordstown Motors Set to Unveil EV Pickup

July 13, 2020

Tesla's Cybertruck might not be the first electric pickup to hit the market.

July 9, 2020—Tesla's much-talked-about Cybertruck may not be the first electric pickup truck to hit the market, as Lordstown Motors may unveil the first, reports USA Today.

According to the report, Lordstown Motors unveiled its EV pickup model, Endurance, on June 25 and is set to be delivered to customers in late 2021, the same time Tesla said it will begin production on the cheapest model of the Cybertruck. Originally, the Endurance was supposed to debut at the Detroit Auto Show but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Endurance has a range of around 250 miles per charge like Tesla's entry-level Cybertruck, but is more expensive—$52,500—compared to Tesla's Cybertruck price starting at $39,90. The Endurance also will only seat five passengers unlike the Cybertruck, which will seat six.

Pre-orders have already begun for the Endurance truck, requiring a $100 deposit.

Image: Lordstown Motors

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