Inside GM and Mitchell's Canadian Collision Repair Network

Jan. 5, 2021

SVP of Mitchell talks to FenderBender about its newly-launched collision repair initiative.

Jan. 5, 2021—Mitchell and General Motors have announced the creation of the GM Canada Collision Repair Network, which aims to help participants access business and technology resources to streamline the repair process while providing consumer confidence. 

According to a press release, the repair network provides a comprehensive, metrics-driven approach that requires participants to have training, tools, and repair procedures that aid in the safe repair of vehicles, especially those equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems. The Canadian repair network closely mirrors General Motors’ U.S. program, which launched in 2018, and is also managed by Mitchell. 

Jack Rozint, senior vice president of sales, service, and repair for Mitchell, speaking to FenderBender, says conversations regarding an American repair network began in 2016 when, “Mitchell recognized the most compelling trend was the increasing complexities of vehicles and the difficulties that provided for proper repairs.” 

But, in 2016, he said that was only an emerging thought.

Mitchell will serve as a program administrator for the network, ensuring repair organizations meet its standards across training, tools, and equipment. Shops participating in the network will be able to access a variety of Mitchell services, like Mitchell Cloud Estimating. Rozint says Mitchell Cloud Estimating not only provides OEM repair procedures, but tracks them as well.

“We can see Technician A pulled up [the repair procedure] for 11 minutes and that Technician B opened the page two days later and was on the page for seven minutes,” Rozint explains. Statistics like this can be used to verify that the correct procedures were done and properly researched before the repair, he adds.

One of the unique benefits of the Collision Repair Network is its close participation with General Motors, Rozint says. Mitchell had worked with GM in the U.S. for several years prior to the creation of the Canadian network, “so when GM Canada became an idea, [Mitchell] was very interested in working with them [again].”

Rozint says collision repair shops within the network will have access to the latest updated versions of OEM repair procedures from the company because the network works directly with GM. He says updates will come, at a minimum, once per week. 

“All of [Mitchell’s] applications and suites are built together so the technician has the easiest access to the information they need,” says Rozint. “That’s the beauty of working in the cloud—no one has to do anything separate.” 

Rozint says enrollment in the network will be open to select specialty dealerships first, then all Canadian GM dealers with collision repair operations, and then independent and franchised shops can enroll. 

He says repairers can expect an announcement soon, when the portal is up and running. 

If you want to enroll in the Canada Collision Repair Network, here are your next steps:

  • First, your facility’s technicians must have completed I-CAR training courses and be certified to the level required by the network 

  • Second, your shop must have the tools and equipment as specified by the program’s requirements

  • Then begins the application process, for which you’ll have to answer questions about your facility and available equipment

    • Rozint notes that there are minor differences between the requirements for U.S. shops and Canadian shops

  • Next, you will submit photos of your equipment and tools 

  • Finally, your application gets reviewed for admittance 

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