Nissan Researching 'Brain-to-Vehicle' Technology

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Jan. 4, 2018—Nissan recently noted that its engineers are heavily researching technology that will allow its vehicles to, in essence, read the mind of a driver.

Nissan’s engineers are working to put a driver’s brain back into the driving process, but without necessarily involving a driver’s hands and feet, as CNN reported.

An example of this evolving technology can be seen in a company video by clicking here.

Simply put, the manufacturer is researching technology that uses brainwave-sensors to detect what a driver intends to do, or, in an autonomous vehicle, what a driver expects their vehicle to do.

In a human-driven vehicle, this “brain-to-vehicle” technology could shorten reaction times, allowing, for example, drivers to apply their brakes more quickly.

Such technology could also help Nissan address issues such as a vehicle’s internal temperature.

Nissan—which has recently had researchers wear helmet-like devices to detect brain-wave activity—hopes to have a version of this brain-to-vehicle technology ready for real-world use within at least 10 years, a company spokesman said.

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