NSF certifies first steel reinforcements

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October 26, 2010—Diamond Standard announced that the first high-strength steel reinforcements were NSF certified.

Diamond Standard’s steel and aluminum reinforcements began the NSF certification process in July and the first parts were certified on Oct. 18, according to a Diamond Standard press release_notes. Eight parts for GM, Nissan, Honda and Toyota were included in the certification.

More than 100 Diamond Standard parts are now NSF certified, including:
• 24 front steel bumpers;
• 62 absorbers;
• 8 steel reinforcements;
• 19 bumper brackets.

The NSF certification process includes:
• Examination of OEM parts and patents;
• Dimensional checks;
• Appearance checks;
• Material composition and properties;
• Coating performance;
• Dynamic and destructive testing;

For more information, go to diamondstandardparts.com or nsf.org.

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