3M Redesigns Spray Cup System

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3M Spray Cup System

Oct. 2, 2017— 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division launched its 3M PPS Series 2.0 Spray Cup System. The spray cup system comes with a refreshed cup design that eliminates the collar, adds a quarter-turn lid locking system and incorporates new features.

The 3M PPS Disposable Paint Cup System was first developed in 1996 in England by 3M engineer Steve Joseph. 

This new iteration of the system features six key new improvements, including:

  1. Wide Spout Adapter with Four-Point Connection.  Maximizes stability while spraying and provides for easier cleaning.
  2. Quarter-Turn Lid Locking System. Comes with every lid. Stays cleaner. Locks faster. Fewer parts to keep track of.
  3. Domed Lid with Full-Diameter Filter. More paint below the filter improves flow and consistency, while reducing spitting from start to finish.
  4. New Cup in Every Lid & Liner Kit. Start clean more often and eliminate paint build-up on the cup. On-cup ratios and max fill markings eliminate outside mixing cups.
  5. Access Window.  Allows you to hold the liner for cleaner, easier lid removal when refilling or tinting.  Also easier to check paint levels.
  6. Larger Cup Sealing Plug. Allows you to seal and protect coatings upside down with greater stability when not in use. Use fewer lids by keeping filters wet.

The elimination of the separate collar with the quarter-turn lid locking system improves the cleanliness in the painting process and eliminates potential sources of contamination due to equipment cleaning or maintenance. The easy assembly and refilling process improves the efficiency for high-production painters, while the wider adapter allows them to use a larger cup for consistent, efficient batch painting.
For more information download the new 3M Collision Repair App in the Apple Store or visit

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