Coalition for Future Mobility Pushes Senate to Pass Autonomous Legislation

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Sept. 26, 2017—A diverse and growing coalition of groups advocating on behalf of older Americans, people with disabilities, safety, the environment, the automotive and technology industries today launched a new campaign urging Congress to pass legislation that supports self-driving car testing and deployment.

"Human error. According to government data, it's a factor in 94 percent of all crashes. And it's taking a growing number of lives after decades of decline. So imagine how much safer our roads would be with autonomous vehicles," say the ads. "Tell Congress to greenlight autonomous vehicle testing and deployment."

The Coalition for Future Mobility campaign, "Driving Transformation," urges Congress to pass bipartisan legislation that will accelerate technological innovation by expanding the ability of companies to test and deploy autonomous vehicles. The House of Representatives passed The SELF DRIVE Act on Sept. 6, and the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee is considering related legislation to remove existing barriers to innovation, safety and equal access improvements.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the many benefits of self-driving vehicles, including improved safety, mobility and productivity and reduced congestion and carbon emissions.


The Coalition for Future Mobility

The Coalition for Future Mobility has now expanded to 21 members, all calling on Congress to support bipartisan Autonomous Vehicle legislation. Its newest members include:

The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCHOR) – ANCHOR is a national, nonprofit trade association representing more than 1,200 private community providers of services to people with disabilities. Its mission is to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fully participate in their communities.

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) – TIA is the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech connectivity. TIA seeks to expand global investment opportunities and encourages innovation in the high-speed networks, and products and services that generate economic growth and empower communications across every industry and market.

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) – The NTU is a non-profit, nonpartisan advocacy group whose members work every day to lower taxes and achieve smaller government at all levels.


"Autonomous vehicle technology presents tremendous potential benefits for the blind and other Americans with disabilities," said Mark A. Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind. "From more reliable transportation to greater access to employment, automated vehicles could be a valuable tool allowing the blind to live the lives we want. Autonomous vehicle technology must be accessible to everyone through nonvisual user interface options and nondiscriminatory public policy."    

"Passing AV legislation with strong bipartisan support will bolster U.S. national security by enabling fuel efficiency and fuel diversity, strengthening our economy, and ushering in a modernized transportation system," said Gen. James Conway, co-chair of Securing America's Future Energy's (SAFE) Energy Security Leadership Council. "From the transcontinental railroad to the interstate highway system, Congress has previously recognized the economic, social and energy security imperative of enabling transportation innovation. AVs represent the next major step for American competitiveness."

Segs4Vets President Jerry Kerr said: "Autonomous Vehicles represent the single greatest opportunity in history to provide an increased quality of life to our nation's veterans and a longer independent life for our aging seniors. Through this legislation, we have a solution which is attainable and sustainable."

"Broadband network infrastructure is the underlying backbone necessary to advance the development and deployment of Autonomous Vehicles," said Cinnamon Rogers, senior vice president for government affairs at the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). "As the leading association for the connectivity industry, TIA and its members are eager to participate in the Coalition for Future Mobility and play a constructive role in ensuring Automated Vehicle policies improve roadway safety, expand mobility and ensure more efficient and connected communities."

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