Aug. 14, 2017: This Week's Best Business-Building Articles

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Aug. 14, 2017—To better assist shop owners with their production management, marketing tactics and leadership styles, FenderBender has compiled a short list of essential business-building material from some of its favorite sources.

3 Ways to Align Your Field Marketing and Social Media Strategies - Startup Nation

Historically, field marketing has been a one-way street. Field marketers target retail locations, events and communities with the objective of getting their emerging brand into the hands of the consumer. Figuring out how to integrate field marketing and social media marketing can be much more effective and efficient than conducting these functions as mutually exclusive processes.

The Science of Persuasion: How to Influence Consumer Choice - Business News Daily

How do you get a person to buy a product or service? Psychology holds answers to questions that have preoccupied marketing departments for decades, particularly surrounding how to influence people and how people respond to attempts to influence their behaviors. Here are six universal principles for understanding attempts to influence human behavior. 

7 Simple Strategies to Build Rapport Between Coworkers - Kabbage

When poor relationships exist between coworkers, productivity is more likely to be waylaid by tensions, inter-office conflicts, and ineffective communication. In contrast, when coworkers know and respect each other—and know how to work together effectively—the entire company runs more smoothly and efficiently. Good relationships between coworkers also boosts morale, which can improve employee satisfaction and retention. Here are seven ways to make that happen.

What One Company Learned from Forcing Employees to Use Their Vacation Time - Harvard Business Review

For most of us, it’s hard to actually use vacation time to recharge. So it’s no wonder that absenteeism remains a massive problem for most companies, with payrolls dotted with sick leaves, disability leaves, and stress leaves. So what's the solution? This Harvard Business Review article argues it's recurring, scheduled, mandatory vacation. Here's a case study for how one company made that work.

10 Must-Have Apps for Running a Business - Entrepreneur

There are an abundance of apps today to make your job as a business owner, manager or leader a little bit easier. By utilizing some of this tech, you can outsource and streamline a number of your business processes. From employee management to booking travel to expense tracking—there's an app out there to help you cover almost every task. Not sure where to start? Here are 10 must-have apps for running a business.


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