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The Difference Between Low and High Touch Times

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In the January 2017 issue of FenderBender, Autobody Management Solutions president Rich Altieri made a case for what he considered to be the most crucial and overlooked KPI in the industry: touch time. He says that increasing number of hours per day technicians physically touch cars goes on to improve cycle time, efficiency, productivity, and net profit margins.

Here’s how those four KPIs stacked up to various reported touch times in our 2017 FenderBender KPI Survey:


Key-to-Key Cycle Time Under 7 Days

  • Touch Time 2-3 Hours: 51%
  • Touch Time 4-5 Hours: 79%
  • Touch Time 6-7 Hours: 82%


Efficiency Over 140%

  • Touch Time 2-3 Hours: 39%
  • Touch Time 4-5 Hours: 39%
  • Touch Time 6-7 Hours: 44%


Productivity Over 110%

  • Touch Time 2-3 Hours: 22%
  • Touch Time 4-5 Hours: 27%
  • Touch Time 4-5 Hours: 31%


Net Profit Over 11%

  • Touch Time 2-3 Hours: 45%
  • Touch Time 4-5 Hours: 54%
  • Touch Time 6-7 Hours: 62%

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