Autoliv to Develop LiDAR Sensors Using Velodyne 3-D Software Technology

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July 6, 2017—Autoliv, which recently partnered with Volvo to develop advanced self-driving technology, will develop and market a scalable auto-grade LiDAR sensor using Velodyne's core 3-D software technology.

Velodyne's proprietary LiDAR ASIC engine will also coupled with Autoliv's component development and verification capability.

The rise of LiDAR technology factors heavily into the advancement of advanced driver-assistance systems, said Dave Hobbs, field instructor and program developer for Delphi Product & Service Solutions.

Both companies will contribute key components, technologies, know-how and other intellectual property needed to optimize a next generation of affordable, high performance LiDARs for the automotive market. Autoliv will also serve as the primary commercial and technical interface to customers for awarded business.

"LiDAR is an important sensor for cars to drive safely by themselves. Autoliv's vast experience in automotive design and testing and high volume manufacturing capability coupled with Velodyne's leadership position in LiDAR technology, will fast-track the commercialization of LiDAR for traditional automotive customers and mobility providers", says Johan Löfvenholm, President, Auoliv Electronics. "Autoliv's commitment to quality, robustness, and user experience will create the trust needed to emerge as a winner in the transforming automotive industry," he continued.


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