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Sherwin-Williams Q3 Training Schedule Announced

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June 6, 2017—Sherwin-Williams' latest third quarter 2017 training schedule was recently announced, outlining the courses taking place nationwide at training sites from July 11 through Sept. 21, 2017.

The series is designed to develop and enhance the skills of participants across a variety of courses, from painter certification to color adjustment and blending. These courses address key topics, trends and challenges faced by technicians in a quickly changing workplace. To accommodate various learning styles, courses are offered in a combination of classroom, digital and hands-on settings at various metropolitan Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes training centers.

“Successful careers in this industry are built on continual learning and education,” said Rod Habel, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes director of training operations. “It’s a continually evolving industry that rewards technicians who keep up with trends and best practices.”

“These trainings also put a big focus on efficiency,” Habel added. “We want to make clear to participants how a strategic approach to the entire process improves production targets and maintains the highest quality repair.”

Further details regarding the 2017 third quarter schedule for training centers, dates, specific course descriptions and locations, are listed below:

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes 2017 Third Quarter Training Schedule

Training Center Date Training Course Description Number of Days
Atlanta 8/15/17 Painter Certification 3
Atlanta 8/29/17 Color Adjustment and Blending 3
Atlanta 9/26/17 Painter Certification 3
Chicago 7/10/17 Painter Certification 2
Chicago 7/12/17 Color Adjustment and Blending 2
Chicago 9/11/17 Painter Certification 2
Chicago 9/13/17 Color Adjustment and Blending 2
Chicago 7/17/17 ATX Refinish System Painter Certification 2
Dallas 8/7/17 Painter Certification 3
Dallas 8/14/17 Color Adjustment and Blending 3
Dallas 7/11/17 AWX Performance Plus Waterborne Painter Certification 3
Philadelphia 7/24/17 Painter Certification 3
Philadelphia 7/27/17 Color Simplicity 1
Philadelphia 8/14/17 Painter Certification 3
Philadelphia 8/29/17 Painter Certification 3
Philadelphia 9/18/17 Painter Certification 3
Philadelphia 9/21/17 Advanced Painter Certification 2
Reno 8/14/17 AWX Performance Plus Waterborne Painter Certification 2
Reno 8/16/17 Color Adjustment and Blending 2


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