Honda Approves Chief MI200T Spot Welder

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May 31, 2017—American Honda has approved the Chief MI200T Spot Welder for use in collision repair by its ProFirst Certified body shops in North America. The MI200T is now available to dealers through Honda’s tool and equipment program.

Honda recently increased its spot welder squeeze pressure requirement to 772 pounds of pressure. The MI200T exceeds 1,256 pounds of squeeze pressure at 116 psi. It can produce up to 14,500 amps (Honda requires at least 9,000 amps) of welding current while drawing up to 40 percent less power than many cable plier units.

The TrueAutoMode automatic welding system built into the MI200T detects the metal type and thickness, as well as the presence of adhesives and insulation, and then automatically adjusts and sets the welding parameters accordingly. Instant feedback is provided to the technician about the weld result, with the results logged into memory. At the end of a job, the shop can print out a document verifying that every spot weld was made correctly.

“To replace the high-strength steel structures used by Honda, shops have to have the proper squeeze pressure and voltage to get a good spot weld,” explains Bob Holland, director of strategic relationships for Chief. “Spot welding combines electricity with pressure to melt work pieces together, and the MI200T squeeze-type resistance inverter spot welder actually exceeds the new Honda specs for this type of collision repair. Plus, this top-of-the-line spot welder with lightweight transformer pliers is priced lower than many basic cable models.”


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