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Snap Shop: Collision Center Inc.

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SHOP: Collision Center Inc.  LOCATION: Golden Valley, Minn.  OWNERS: Kevin H. Johnson, Terry Geffre, Rickie Lee Schmitz SIZE: 20,000 square feet  STAFF: 11 AVERAGE MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 136  ANNUAL REVENUE: $3 million

1) Impeccable Landscaping

Collision Center Inc., located in the Minneapolis suburb of Golden Valley, Minn., promptly leaves an impression on its visitors, due in large part to a facelift the front of the property received four years ago. The shop’s three owners—Kevin H. Johnson, Terry Geffre, and Rickie Lee Schmitz—planted a maple tree to serve as the cornerstone of the landscaping project, and added a small bench for aesthetics, among other touches. 

The outdoorsy feel extends inside the shop, too, as Collision Center Inc.’s interior features numerous plants, including a roughly 30-year-old jade plant, which is intriguing enough that a customer once offered the shop’s owners $1,000 for it. 

2) Efficient Paint Area

Collision Center Inc.’s paint department last received a major overhaul in 2000, but the shop’s operators saw to it that their painters were set up well. Johnson says he, Geffre, and Schmitz took great care to provide a paint area and booths that allow for a smooth flow of vehicles 

“Before we switched the layout of the paint department one of the booths was a dead end,” Johnson recalls. “You had to back the vehicle out after it was painted. The two new booths we installed are end to end, and you can drive straight through them.”

3) Relaxing Lobby

The facility’s waiting area garners the most comments from customers, due to its relaxing vibe. Due in part to the aforementioned plant life like a ficus tree, and an abundance of natural light, Collision Center Inc.’s waiting room aura eases the tension of visitors who have recently endured car accidents. 

In 2002, the shop’s owners replaced the lobby’s floor, installing tile. 

4) Ubiquitious Owners

Something that truly sets the shop apart is the fact that one of the business’s three owners is almost always on site during business hours, and usually easily accessible for customers at the front of the shop. Johnson, for example, can usually be found toiling near the reception area.

“Since we’ve all been here for 25-plus years, the customers all know us, so it makes it very comfortable for them,” Johnson says. “The most important thing is customer satisfaction.”

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