Tesla Autopilot Warns of Crash in Advance

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Dec. 29, 2016—Dash-cam footage recently suggested that a Tesla on autopilot may have predicted a nearby crash slightly before it happened, as noted in a article.

A video uploaded to Twitter showed a Tesla vehicle driving in the Netherlands, trailing two cars that soon collided with each other. The beeping heard in the video just prior to the accident is the sound of the autopilot’s Forward Collision Warning.

Tesla’s autopilot mode has multiple features that may have taken over in the aforementioned accident, to aid the trailing driver. For example, the autopilot function relies on radar, because it has the ability to see not only what is directly in front of it, but also beyond that. That would mean that the radar may have detected that one of the vehicles in the accident had slammed on its brakes.

Video of this accident first appeared on Electrek.

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