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Zubie Debuts Teen Driving App

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Sept. 6, 2016—Zubie has introduced its Zubie Teen App, a family-friendly and usage-based insurance solution.

The Zubie Teen App keeps drivers safe on the road by providing teens and their parents with a personalized view of driving behavior insights combined with coaching tips, always-on location monitoring and a remote view of the operating health of the car.

Through the Zubie Teen App, parents “invite” their teens into the app which then provides access to a driving scorecard and behavior trends, alerts about engine or battery problems, driving statistics and trip logs after each trip, and coaching with tips on how to be a safer and more efficient driver.  

"Zubie and insurance providers share a commitment to family-centric apps that enhance safety and driving efficiency," says Craig Lozofksy, Zubie vice president of business development. "We're excited that our services resonate so well with Zubie families. Because the teens are 'invited' to access the data and it's a simplified real-world picture of their car and driving detail, they're more engaged and receptive to using the coaching tips and insights. Additionally it offers great insights to our insurance partners, helping them hone and enhance their family-centric UBI products."

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