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Report: Non-Monetary Recognition Boost Employee Morale

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Sept. 4, 2015—Employees want to know that they are appreciated, something management often fails to remind them of, according to a recent post by human resources expert and author Margaret Jacoby on The Huffington Post

And Jacoby’s research shows that recognizing employees for a job well-done does not need to break the bank.

If it is not in your budget to give out raises, there are other meaningful and effective ways to boost your employee’s spirits, she writes. Recognizing a job well-done in a company wide newsletter is a great way to remind staff that management is taking note of the positive things that they are doing. Rewards like tickets to an event, treating them to a one-on-one lunch or the simple gesture of bringing in donuts can brighten anyone’s day.

If your entire staff is doing a great job, enabling a profit-sharing program that gives employees a stake in the business will benefit both the staff and management. A program like this that gives them a direct stake in the company will make employees more invested and push them even further to succeed, Jacoboy writes.

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