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SEMA Product Showcase 2014

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Select the U-TECH System for Results that Impress

The NEW U-TECH brand artfully balances excellent performance with exceptional value in a VOC flexible, compact system specifically designed for fleets and commercial vehicles. The latest resin and pigment technology deliver great color match results while keeping costs competitive. Take a FRESH look at U-TECH to achieve better processes and better results with the following benefits:  

  • Flexible – select from three VOC points
  • Resilient – durable, long lasting, color fast
  • Economical – value for performance
  • Simple – 3:1 mix ratios & single set of tints
  • HAPs compliant

SEMA Booth #25165





BASF – World Class Finishes

Our Automotive Refinish business makes and markets the finest coatings available for collision repair, restoration facilities, customizers and automotive specialty markets. Three distinct refinish systems are offered to meet every need: Glasurit® is BASF’s premium automotive paint system, with over 100 years of outstanding quality, and is widely recognized for being in a class of its own. The R-M® system is designed for highly productive customers who are looking for the ideal balance between high quality and price. LIMCO® offers simplicity and affordability, backed by a user-friendly system.

SEMA Booth #21455





A 3D Perspective from Celette

Celette only uses OEM provided 3D-CAD drawings to build its renowned dedicated fixture systems. Celette’s NAJA Electronic Measuring System, equipped with identical accuracy, digitizes these multiple control points in relation to length, width, and height. This year’s software update for the NAJA Evolution offers a unique 3D perspective supplying technicians with damage analysis from any angle, providing visual guidance toward an accurate repair plan. This revolutionary software is compatible with tablet computers, and gives users easy access to updates, a database containing nearly 14,000 vehicles, and data storage in the Celette cloud. For a video demonstration, visit and select videos.

SEMA Booth #10971



Goliath Carts

Goliath Carts Does It Again!

Goliath Carts is once again revolutionizing the industry with new products. This year Goliath Carts will be revealing a number of new products. Our new Lean Line Paint stands will change the way you paint panels off. You will be amazed by the functionality and versatility of these universal stands. We are also introducing wall mount and mobile bumper racks. Finally, we have an entire line of new mobile “Tablet” carts that will enhance the way you use and think about tablet computing! Please stop by our booth 11339 at SEMA, or visit us online to see our entire line of products for working smarter!

SEMA Booth #11339




Induction Innovations


Command the power of INVISIBLE HEAT® with the MINI-DUCTOR® II. Heat nuts and bolts RED HOT in seconds WITHOUT a flame! High Frequency Magnetic Fields provide precise heat for the easy removal of hardware and components from corrosion or thread lock compounds, including bearings, ball joints, tie rods, manifold bolts and more! The Mini-Ductor® II tool helps technicians work more efficiently and save time, and is energy efficient and significantly safer and faster to use than a torch. Use the MINI-DUCTOR® II where a torch can never go - near brake and fuel lines. It will not harm plastic or rubber! Find additional product details at

SEMA Booth #10621




Performance Gateway

Know Your Shop’s Performance Gaps

Performance directly impacts referrals and profitability. Gateway Industry Scorecard automatically tracks KPI measures that are important to your operation and displays them on an online scorecard in real time. Tracking data is one thing. Acting on the data is another. Gateway Industry Scorecard also highlights areas that don’t meet expected targets, and our performance triggered tasks option will automatically send training and tasks to employees when these KPI targets are missed. Save time, improve performance, and watch referrals and profitability increase. Reach peak performance by tracking and targeting for free at

SEMA Booth #11184





EC530 En-V Performance Clearcoat

Designed with new resin technology to provide superior gloss retention for waterborne basecoats, En-V Performance Clearcoat is the low-VOC, high-quality solution for collision centers spraying ENVIROBASE® High Performance basecoat. En-V Performance Clearcoat uses a traditional two-coat application process. As a versatile production clear with a reduced bake cycle and air dry capability, EC530 provides enhanced efficiency along with the following benefits:

  • Four reducers for range of operating conditions
  • Superior hardness out of bake and air dry
  • Polishing not required
  • Short bake cycle—25 minutes
  • Air dries to handle in less than 4 hours
  • Can be buffed after cool down
  • Excellent gloss and appearance

SEMA Booth #24501




Presta Products

Nano Finishing Spray from Presta!

Nano Finishing Spray is a professional appearance product from Presta Products. This superior spray wax is specially engineered with silicone and carnauba wax for a deep shine. Nano Finishing Spray works great on all surfaces and will NOT white out on plastic. The product is ideal for smooth and textured bumpers, mirror casings, moldings, vinyl and dashes, and is easy to apply and remove. Visit Presta Booth #11131 to watch demos, learn about I-CAR courses from Presta, see our show promos, and meet our staff. Plus, enter our contest to win FREE product for a year or a case of Nano Finishing Spray. Three winners will be selected every day!

SEMA Booth #11131





A No-Risk Solution to Protect Customer Vehicles

Stop wasting your time and money on non-reusable collision wrap, and switch to a faster, cheaper and greener solution for your shop with Pro-Tech-It. Pro-Tech-It offers a new and unique solution for your shop to protect your customers’ vehicles with a reusable, magnetic collision cover. Developed by industry veterans Peter and Michael Latuff, Pro-Tech-It won the 2012 SEMA New Product award.

SEMA Booth #11308






SATAjet 5000 B – A Versatile, High-Performance Spray Gun

SATA’s new high-performance spray gun, the SATAjet 5000 B, is characterized by its supreme flexibility. The development process focused on creating a more versatile spray gun in regard to inlet pressure, application distance and further improved adaptability to specific requirements of the different paint systems available. The SATAjet 5000 B allows painters to flexibly set the inlet pressure in a range between 7 and 32 psi with a gun distance between 4 and 8.5 inches, depending on material, ambient conditions and personal preferences, in order to achieve optimum finishes. The gun handle of the digital version is identical in size and shape to the standard spray gun. The air micrometer is considerably larger and much easier to regulate. The SATAjet 5000 B is finished with a satin-gloss pearlchromeTM surface, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

SEMA Booth #10609




Scorpion Protective Coatings

Scorpion Automotive Solutions

Scorpion Protective Coatings continues to lead the industry with its automotive solutions. With nearly 20 years in the industry, Scorpion started as a bed lining company and has grown into a full automotive solution provider. Scorpion provides polyurethane and polyurea coatings for truck beds. Scorpion Window Film is recognized as the fastest-growing window film in the U.S., and offers a full line of lifetime warranty films.

SEMA Booth #23527




Urethane Supply Company

Save Nitrogen with Zero Hassle

Nitrogen plastic welding has revolutionized the process of plastic repair in North America – increasing its speed, strength, and versatility many times over other technologies. Now the inventor of the nitrogen welding process, Urethane Supply Company, is releasing the new 6059-C Nitro Fuzer, the latest version of the industry’s most popular nitrogen plastic welder. The 6059-C Nitro Fuzer automatically switches on the nitrogen when the torch is pulled from the holster, then automatically switches back to air when replaced. There is no need to press a button during the process, which saves nitrogen with zero hassle.

SEMA Booth #10717





Shave Minutes Off Your Throughput

Valspar’s new DeBeer 80-404 Low VOC Air Dry Clear Coat and 1-404 Air Dry Clear Coat offer unmatched performance with superior flow, leveling, and gloss, while being among the most affordable products in the market. The clear coats are specifically engineered for use with the DeBeer 500 and 900 Series basecoats. In addition, they can be applied with seamless wet-on-wet application and require no flash time between coats. The clear coats dry dust-free in 10 minutes and nib, sand and buff in 30 minutes.

SEMA Booth #11066

SEMA Booth #23513 (House of Kolor/ Valspar Automotive)


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