New John Bean Balancers Available

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Oct. 8, 2015—John Bean announced the release of its B300S and B500 series of balancers on Wednesday.

The B300S Digital Wheel Balancer is belt-driven, which ensures that the 200 rpm rotational speed is constant during measurement. Other features include easy data entry, Smart Sonar and ergonomic display integrated in the weight tray, with bright LEDs and weight position indicators, which help reduce the overall balancing time.  

The John Bean B500L and B500S Digital Wheel Balancers have the same advanced features of the B300S along with a raised digital display. The John Bean B500S includes the Smart Sonar and quick clamp elements, while the B500L has the easyWeight feature that uses a laser to pinpoint the position of the adhesive weights on the wheel.

“There is no compromise on accuracy or performance when service technicians start using John Bean Digital Wheel Balancers,” said Brian Gates, product manager for John Bean. “Innovative features make John Bean Digital Balancers easy to use and greatly reduce the possibility of human error. They are designed to significantly decrease balancing time, increasing shop productivity.”

For more information on the John Bean Digital Balancers, visit the website.

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