Chief’s Structural Holding Kit Approved by GM

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Nov. 20, 2015—General Motors recently approved Chief’s new structural holding kit, the Chief CT6 holding system (P/N CK30000003), for anchoring the 2016 Cadillac CT6 to a frame rack for sectioning.

The CT6 holding system is available through the GM Dealer Equipment program and includes more than 50 components from Chief’s Structural Holding Package, plus new CT6-specific fixtures for anchoring the vehicle at its suspension points.

All facilities repairing collision damage on the CT6 are required by GM to use an approved holding system with an approved frame rack.

“The new Cadillac CT6 features an advanced lightweight structure that relies heavily on aluminum and high-strength steels,” says Richard Perry, OEM and strategic account manager for Chief. “Like all modern vehicles, the CT6 must be anchored securely when sectioning out damaged panels; however, it is designed without the traditional pinch welds that technicians typically use to create anchoring points. Chief engineers came up with a solution that turns the vehicle’s front and rear suspension mounts into holding points that prevent it from moving out of place during the repair.”

“Chief has the largest install base of repair systems in North America,” says Perry. “Pairing the CT6 holding system with the approved Chief equipment you already own is an easy way to qualify for CT6 certification.”

To learn more about Chief’s structural holding components, visit its website

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