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Toyota Now Requires Pre-, Post-Repair Scans

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July 28, 2016—Toyota announced recently that pre- and post-repair scans should be performed on all Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles, according to a bulletin provided to FenderBender by both a collision repair facility and industry consultant Mike Anderson

Toyota says that these vehicles have electronic control modules, actuators, sensors or wiring that could possibly be damaged in the event of a collision. The damage may cause these electronic systems to perform incorrectly following the repair, and not all of the systems illuminate a malfunction indicator light on the dashboard, but they are designed to trigger Diagnostic Trouble Codes. 

To ensure that all systems are performing as they should, Toyota requires that collision repairers perform a “health check” scan before and after the repair to check for DCTs and address them accordingly. This will ensure the customer will receive their vehicle back without all systems working properly.

Toyota says that its “TechStream” and “Techstream Lite” scan tool and software can retrieve and report all DCTs for all Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles.

Honda and FCA have also announced that pre- and post-repair scans are required for their vehicles. 

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