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PMCLogic Gets Automated

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July 6, 2016—ComputerLogic Inc. announced Tuesday that the latest version of PMCLogic, its paint and materials management system, is now fully automated. 

Shops will now be able to track the usage of all paint and materials, generate cost analysis and KPI reports, and produce a paint and materials estimate or invoice without human interaction. 

ComputerLogic achieved the automation through a software program that reads hundreds of thousands of repair plains from major estimating systems such as Audatex, CCC, and Mitchell. It then automatically produces a list of paint and materials for a specific job. 

“This is one of the greatest ‘game changers’ that has been introduced to the collision repair industry in many years,” Richard Palmer, president of ComputerLogic, said. “Shops are extremely busy. They already have far too many administrative tasks to perform when repairing a vehicle and they don’t need another task added to that list. If they want to accurately track their paint and material usage, and calculate what to charge their customer for what was used, they need someone else to do it for them.”

ComputerLogic is offering a 90-day money back guarantee to any shop that wants to try the automated PMCLogic system. 

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