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OTC Releases Full Line of Aluminum Repair Tools

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July 7, 2015—OTC has released a set of synthetic body tools, designed for use on aluminum panels.

OTC’s tools are made from synthetic materials and were designed for shock absorption qualities, greatly reducing the risk of marring, scratching or gouging panels.

The line of 22 tools will address most aluminum repairs. The tools are designed to break spot welds, remove trim pieces and reshape aluminum panels after a damaging event. The release features 19 synthetic tools and three super-hardened and tempered spot weld drill bits.

The full line of OTC aluminum body service tools is composed of:

  • 2470 spot weld breaker
  • Spot-weld drill bits: P/N 2492 5-piece carbide spot weld drill bit set; P/N 2489-8 single spot weld drill bit
  • Eight trim removal wedges: P/N 2479 30mm trim wedge; P/N 2480 60mm trim wedge; P/N 2487 combination wedge pry tool; P/N 2471 trim and bezel tool; P/N 2472 window molding and trim remover; P/N 2491 stepped lever wedge; P/N 2481 blind panel removal wedge; P/N 2490 universal hook
  • Three finishing hammers: P/N 2482 120mm x 30mm; P/N 2483 140mm x 40mm; P/N 2484 160mm x 40mm
  • Five bumping/shaping tools: P/N 2473 half-round bumping tool; P/N 2485 3-piece bumping tool set; P/N 2478 extended reach bumping tool; P/N 2475 round body anvil; P/N 2476 curved and flat dolly
  • Three straighteners: P/N 2474 heavy-duty profile straightening tool; P/N 2477 edge straightener; P/N 2488 pinch seam straightener

“The proliferation of aluminum on vehicles is great for OEMs to meet government-mandated CAFE standards, but creates an interesting challenge for body shops– namely the tools they use daily,” said Dirk Skogerboe, OTC product manager. “Having a set of specialty hand tools dedicated to aluminum panel repair is a great step toward preventing galvanic corrosion and helps shops increase their ability to service aluminum-paneled vehicles as well as traditional steel.”

For more information on OTC’s new line of synthetic body tools for aluminum repair, visit the company’s site

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