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Dave’s Auto Body Co.

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Photo by Colin Conces

Photo by Colin Conces

SHOP: Dave’s Auto Body Co.  LOCATION: Omaha, Neb.  OWNER: Mike, Steve and Doug Schumacher

SIZE: 40,000 square feet STAFF: 40 MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 350 ANNUAL REVENUE: $7 million

1) Although the Dave’s Auto Body Co. building was built in 1998, co-owner Mike Schumacher says few changes had been made until a recent renovation. In order to maintain a modern look, the shop completely renovated its front office.

To start, he wanted something that would direct customers where to go. To do that, he created a front desk that mixes metals, an electric fireplace and the colors of the former shop sign. The desk draws the customer’s eye to the front and immediately establishes the professional, yet comfortable feel of the shop.

2) Schumacher also knocked down the walls and doors of the estimator’s offices to create a more open feel.

“[The estimators] are our biggest marketing [tool],” he says. “They’re the people up front who deal with the customers.”

Each cubicle is equipped with a desk, computer, credenza, printer and camera for the estimators to work with.

The new cubicles feel more friendly, Schumacher says, and the uncluttered desks also allow the staff to show off the benefits of going paperless.

3) The shop moved one of the front offices to the back, allowing the lobby to feel larger and less confined.

“It was getting too tight when the customers were waiting around,” Schumacher says.

The sitting area now features an espresso machine, refrigerator for concessions, and highlights the numerous awards that the shop has won for customer service.

4) That space also includes a desk, phone and computer for use by the rental car companies. Schumacher says that he wanted to have a dedicated area that the companies could use and says the desk is frequently used.

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