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Jan. 24, 2012— on Monday announced that its Estimate Scrubber portal,, is now integrated with the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG).

Steven Siessman, president of, said the integration allows DEG users to scrub estimates for omitted items, check for outstanding database inquiries, generate visual estimate summaries, and interact with industry vendors that provide promotional products and services by uploading estimate printouts.

“We share the objective of the DEG to motivate improved estimating and blueprinting platforms,” Siessman said.

“Integrating the DEG with is a good way to bring the DEG to the daily shop workflow when an estimate is being reviewed. Estimators can review any outstanding database issues and submit a database inquiry while the estimate is fresh on their mind,” said Arthur Harris, administrator of the DEG. “The DEG could be utilized much more throughout the industry. Many issues with today’s estimating systems still go unreported. provides us one more conduit to generate database inquiries and easily provide relevant information to repairers at the point it is needed most.”

The DEG is an avenue for collision repairers to provide feedback to information providers in order to improve data accuracy within estimating databases. The DEG is funded and maintained by the Automotive Service Association (ASA), the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS).

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