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VRS Labor Rate Survey Launches in New Jersey

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Feb. 17, 2015—National AutoBody Research (NABR) announced on Tuesday the launch of the AASP/NJ VRS Ray Gunder Real-Time Labor Rate Survey in the state of New Jersey.

Different than other surveys, Variable Rate System (VRS) surveys measure and report the current range of market-based prices for shop labor and material rates in the collision repair industry, based on factors such as a shop's location, training, equipment, and certifications.                                                      

As repair shops complete the online survey, NABR's VRS technology automatically calculates the range of market-based rates for several rates including body, paint, frame, and mechanical labor, as well as paint and materials.

The survey is the first step in the VRS 5-Step Solution to restore the free market system for labor rate pricing in the auto collision repair industry, the company said in a statement. Surveys work together with active use of the VRS online tools to break through the long time trend of stagnant labor rates and restore rates to higher, free-market based levels.

"We're very excited about the Variable Rate System because it is nothing like the traditional surveys we have seen in the past," Charles Bryant, executive director of AASP New Jersey, said in a release. "The VRS gathers the important information that separates one shop from another—their level of training, level of investment in equipment, the type of vehicle being worked on, and more—and then reports back with a range of rates using an apples to apples comparison. I strongly recommend that collision shops look further into the Variable Rate System, sign up, and give it an opportunity to make a difference."

With the addition of New Jersey, NABR has now launched the VRS Survey in 7 states including North Carolina, Ohio, Idaho, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.  

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