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Auto Welding Felt

Wilson Industries

Details This felt is designed to protect vehicle windows and metal from fling sparks. The carbon fiber pads are fire and heat resistant, designed to withstand up to 3,000 degrees. The felt has no metal grommets to cause scratches, and it is tear resistant, light and easy to clean.


Phone 800.423.4277


Brut Manufacturing

Details This tilting bumper bench allows you to stabilize a bumper during paint and repair. It weighs 43 pounds, has wheels for portability and features a 14-inch telescopic extension bar with a tilt feature for added height. Brut calls it the most stable bumper work stand on the market.


Phone 888.533.2693

Dirt Trap Introductory Kit


Details Keep your booth clean and your paint jobs free of debris by applying this product throughout the booth. The material is designed to trap dust, dirt and overspray, making booth maintenance easier and paint jobs better. The low-tack material is easy to apply and remove, and can withstand repeated 180-degree bakes. 


Phone 877.666.2277

EcoPolyBlend DrumSheds

Justrite Manufacturing Company

Details Keep your drums out of site and help protect the environment. These weather resistant outdoor sheds are made of 55 percent recycle polyethylene and feature roll-top doors that allow access to the front and rear. The sheds have ample overhead space to allow for drum access.


Phone 800.798.9250

Flex Sweep

Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd.

Details Magnolia calls this the world’s toughest broom. It has a tough, molded flexible connector that makes is virtually unbreakable and eliminates the need for a brace, as seen on traditional brooms. The brush head is completely filled, so there’s no “V” shape in the bristles.


Phone 800.248.2261

Headlight Lens Restoration


Details Yes, these kits exist for the general public, but this one was designed with the professional in mind. The kit includes sanding and polishing tools with abrasives and polishes that should restore headlight clarity in 10–15 minutes. This kit can help you maximize productivity and improve customer satisfaction. 


Phone 877.666.2277

Paint & Ink Safety Cabinets

Eagle Manufacturing

Details Safely and securely store your paint cans in one of these cabinets, approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Fire Protection Association. The cabinets are available in red and yellow, and are made of welded 18-gauge steel with double wall panels. They will support 350 pounds. 


Phone 304.737.3171

Smooth Transition Tape


Details 3M says this tape will virtually eliminate rework caused by poor paint transitions. It is designed to make hard paint lines from door, fender and quarter panel jambs a thing of the past. The tape can also eliminate time-consuming rework, including re-shooting, sanding and buffing. 


Phone 877.666.2277

SpeedGrip Acrylic Structural Adhesives


Details Norton’s SpeedGrip acrylic, urethane and epoxy structural adhesives are excellent for metal-to-metal bonding. They do not require welding and boast glass bead technology for correct panel spacing and bond control. They come with a lifetime corrosion and performance warranty.

Phone 888.295.5148

Spot Shot

Brut Manufacturing Co.

Details This hand-held recovery blaster system is designed to remove paint chips quickly and easily. Ideal for small jobs, the system captures grit, forces it into the filter bag and recycles it with virtually no dust, and no mess or hassle. It can blast a small pitted or rusted area down to bare metal in seconds.


Phone 888.533.2693

Colad Hooded Spray Suit

EMM America Inc.

Details These head-to-toe spray suits are made of breathable nylon that is 100 percent free of dust and lint. They feature elastic waists, wrists and ankles for added protection, and a two-way zipper for easy removal. The suits come in white and are available with screen-printed or embroidered custom logos.


Phone 800.803.5276

Surgical Blue Tack Cloth

Datco International Inc.

Details This well-known cloth is used to provide a surface free of contaminants prior to painting to prevent defects. It can be used in any basecoat or clearcoat application, and is anti-static, nontoxic and odorless. It can also remove soot, lint, metal and other contaminants, and is compatible with all paints.


Phone 800.822.5724


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